Saturday Happenings – Ups and Downs

I have to STOP doing this, but I keep forgetting that I can’t push myself without paying for it either immediately or within 24 hours of doing so.


What did I do? Something that most people would consider to be very simple. I made breakfast from scratch. I didn’t do anything premade like cereal or Eggos or the like. I made from scratch vegetable scrambled “eggs” using ingredients from our little patio garden (hot pepper, regular pepper, basil, green onion, and cucumber).

I was standing at the oven, dicing up the ingredients instead of sitting in my chair, and dicing the ingredients at the kitchen table. It slipped my mind until afterward and then standing at the oven cooking everything up (I’ve not yet cooked from my chair, I know I need to, but I haven’t dun so).

One reason I know I don’t use the chair for cooking is that the stove is higher then I am in the chair, which makes it rather hard to reach it properly from a seated position – so that has put me offing cooking from the chair sadly. When it comes to the stove, coming at it from a side angle doesn’t work with our kitchen setup. Have to rejig the layout for me to be able to do in along the side (which we can do since we have an open concept main room – unlike the other units we looked at which would never have allowed for anything other than a direct in and backing out option).

So here I sit, writing and being ticked with myself for not using the chair for some of it, but at least I was smart enough to ask Norman to do the bathroom tub. It needed a proper cleaning. I do a general wipe down after I use it, of course. But it still needs a regular scrubbing to get the accumulated grime gone.

We also have Laundry in the process, have already folded one load, and have another in the dryer drying. There is also another load in the washer ready to go once we have enough (which right now we do not). It means that our cores for the day done.

There is still stuff around the apartment that we need to do, such as cleaning the kitchen counters and the stove itself (but that can happen tomorrow, no rush for that at the moment).

Well, post more as time passes, take care, everyone!



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