Treadmill .. yes!

Well my manual treadmill is back in operation, though the belt is a little wonky woo, but hay at least its back up and running again, been way to long since I on it over a month!

Anyhow, managed to get in 25 minutes today, would have gotten more in but well the clock was about ot strike midnight, and well I felt 25 min was a good enough start to my getting back on it .. chuckles.

I had started at 5 minutes and was willing to stop at that point in time, but said no try for 10. At 10 I felt like stopping cause I was really breathing hard and my arms where freaking sore (manual treadmills are part resistance training and part cardio it does seem/feel). But no I didn’t stop then, 15 min in again felt like stopping, but couldn’t bring myself to do so, even at the 20 min mark I was ready to stop, but kept going. At 25 min I looked at the clock and noticed that it was a few min to midnight so called it quites for day … shakes head.

I feel I should have dun a full 30 min, but hay can do that tomorrow if I so choose or have the time rather. My arms are yelling at me, and I have a feeling that tomorrow they will still be doing so which might not work out well for an extended walk/jog on the treadmill .. but I’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

One thing I can say its been ages since 5 min on that manual treadmill has gotten me that sweety and out of breath .. so for all my normal walking I have to be really out of shape .. sighs growls. Oh well, I’ll get my breath back shortly if I can keep hitting that treadmil I am sure, since I know it took a good month when I frist got it last summer to get into shape walking/jogging on it.

Well hope everyone is doing well, take care



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