#FitBlog QnA (Passion vs. Obsession)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Do you call yourself a “blogger”? Do you think there’s a negative connotation to the term? Or do you “own it”?
I blog yes, but am I a blogger? I don’t call myself that for various reason one being that I’ve been “blogging” longer then the term has been around so it just not something I’ve applied to myself, or given much though. I do think of myself as a writer at times though.

Q2) What is another topic or activity that you feel passionate about?
There are various topics I am passionate about that I write about, such as being Childfree, having Diabetes, PCOS, and what not.

Q3) How does your passion influence your “every day”? Is your passion also your career? Is it a struggle to fit it in your schedule?
Well being childfree effects how I few children in general and parents by and large and my interaction with them when it comes to work. Being diabetic effects my daily life because its part of the condition thus its something I live with so its very much part of my life. The PCOS well part of me I don’t tend to think much about in general because though it effects daily life and is in part cause for be being childfree its just not something active at all moments in my mind.

Q4) Has that “passion” ever turned into “obsession”? What were your warning signs you crossed the line?
I can’t think that any of my passions have turned into obsessions, nor has anyone said anything of the matter to me.



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