Starting Ozempic

Image of Box and Pen of Ozempic

Well my endocrinologist put me on Ozempic in the hopes that it will help with my developed Insulin Resistance, and as a potential side effect help with weight loss.

When I saw him two weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting him to spring this one on me at all it came out of left field and seeing the increased online comments about the drug within the DOC (diabetic online community) I am starting to think the reason he even did so was because of a rep hitting him up to do so, but also that its now officially be released in Canada so there is a push to get people on it who are not having good results from other methods.

Well I am not happy to add something like this to my deal, I am willing to give it a limited shot to see if it will be of help/use to me. But knowing my body as I do I am not counting on it doing anything of a helpful nature (but I can always be wrong).

I was scheduled to start it the Friday of the week I saw him, but life happened so it wasn’t until last Friday that I finally injected myself with the .25 that I am suppose to start on. His instructions is that I am suppose to be on .25 for two weeks then go to .50 for two weeks so when I get my next pen i’ll be at .50 already.

However, all that I have read from various people within the DOC and specific to the drug itself is that it is best to stay at the lower dosage until your body gets use to it so as to not cause to many adverse affects, of which I am currently experiencing (which I was hoping wouldn’t be the case, but sadly is). I don’t know if I will do his .50 like he wants me to or hold out for to do .25 until the pen runs out and then with the new pen maybe start the .50 (or dial it down and keep at .25) he is 0 help so it comes down to my own judgement as to what I think will be best for me when all is said and done.

All I can say is as of right now, there as been no weight loss – I am still unfortunately at the 280 mark. But I also know that weight loss is just a potential side effect not a guarantee so it is what it is. I do know that I haven’t noticed any change in my insulin needs as yet. As in I am still needing to take 200 Units of Background insulin and 60 to 100 units of Humalog with meals (1:2) and my correction is still at 1:1 5 days in. But I have read that it can take more then a week before you see a difference, yet other’s post they saw a difference in their insulin needs within a day or two of starting.

Maybe it depends on how bad of insulin resistance you actually have as to how fast that difference happens? I don’t know as I haven’t seen any posts that explain it and even the site itself doesn’t really go into detail in regards to this side of things so that makes me think it is an individual thing as to how it happens (if it happens at all).

If you are wondering what Ozempic is it is according to the parent web site “Ozempic┬«┬áinjection 0.5 mg or 1 mg is an injectable prescription medicine for adults with type 2 diabetes used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar. It also lowers the risk of major cardiovascular (CV) events such as heart attack, stroke, or death in adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease.”

That doesn’t really tell you much about what it actually it, but that is their basic explanation about it, the fun thing is that it is being prescribed off lable as a weight loss drug – which it isn’t approved for or as, but it is still being prescribed as such there is a complete online community of people who are specifically on it ONLY for weight loss, the fact that is can cause hypoglycaemia is something these people are playing with (which just baffles me to no end). But that is their bodies, the whole hypoglycaemia issue is something that I have to be aware of that it can happen but so far so good.

At any rate, I’m giving it a go and will see how it goes for me.



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