One Step Forward for Diabetes?

Well here is one Diabetic who is hoping that the following article in the Star comes into being before she runs out of finger to prick.

I was reading through the Star today when I came across an article on Diabetes and it was related to the Glucose machines which we use to test our blood glucose levels, well according to an article in the Star entitled Ouchless alternatives, it does appear that there is another company here in Canada who is doing research into making a machine which will test one glucose levels without the need of pricking ones finger or any other body part.

Now I know that they have been searching for ways of testing without pain for a while now, but it seems that this device might be closer then some in doing so, here’s hoping that it is a break through and does come on the market shortly, once its been verified that it does work of-course.

Well here’s hoping for a future where finger pricking ends.



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