#DSMA – Health Care Professionals and patient engagement

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. Would you like to see more Nurse Practitioners and Physicians participate in Social Media?
It would be nice yes, but then you run into the whole Country issue, its bad enough as it is adding in “medical professionals” into the mix from different countries adds to the confusion since each country has its own standards for treatment and care (I’ve run a fowl of the US/Canada deal once to often that anything said from anyone in the US I disregard as not knowing anything about my countries standards of care because its only true).

Q2. Should HCPs friend their patients (social media)?
NO – I have no wish to be friends with my medical team that blurs the lines way to much between professional and personal life and to me is wrong on many levels (its like being friends with your boss – without being abel to filter what they can or can’t see) its just not dun (in my eyes, yes I know ppl do it but I don’t).

Q3. @rcarol9 asked a great question. Should there be Social Media guidelines for HCPs regarding patient engagement via Social Media?
YES – there should be guidelines, but the issue with this is again it will vary from country to country thus you will run into issues because of different countries and how they treat it.



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