#DSMA – Diabetes is Social

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. Do you avoid certain social situations due to diabetes? Why?
No, I see no reason to do so

Q2. Has diabetes ever been an asset in certain social situations? How?
Not that I can think of

Q3. Has diabetes ever been a problem in certain social situations? How?
No social no, but work wise its caused a few issues in the past couple of years

Q4. Most embarrassing social situation (re: diabetes)?
Having some twit at the Denver Airport confiscate my insulin the first time I ever flew into the US (last time I chose to fly into that airport) I had all that I needed to prove it was legit but it didn’t matter to that clown – cost me dearly as well since I had to have my folks send down another supply (and the kicker was I’d just gotten the supply the day before I left so insurance wouldn’t cover it). Never did get things resolved, and in truth the less time I have to spend traveling to the US is alright with me.

Q5. Has diabetes helped you become more social? How?
No that is one thing that is has not dun in any way shape or form – if anything in some areas its made me more anti-social that I don’t wont to deal with people around me and their judgement of me being Diabetic.



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