#DSMA – Diabetes in Sun

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

1) Does your appetite change during the seasons? How do you manage diabetes with the changes?
Not really no, I don’t tend to be hungry very often (less I’m doing a good work out that means my body is needing fuel) thus my care of my diabetes doesn’t really change depending on the season in general.

2) Where do you store your insulin and test strips-while at the beach or outside for a long period of time?
I tend to have my insulin on my bedside table and if out and about it will be in my back pack in a fio pack if the weather warrants such an action.

3) Does sunburn cause your blood sugar to go bonkers?
I have no idea, I’ve never had a sub burn since becoming diabetic – last time I had such a deal was as a child long before I learned I was diabetic and sensitive to the sun (yes I have what might be called a sun allergy – my body doesn’t handle the sun very well and heat less so).

4) What are a few tips for keeping , yourself, diabetes supplies and pumps safe from the heat?
Stay inside as much as possible and if you have to go out stay covered up to minimize sun exposure (try to stay out of the direct sun between 10am and 4pm) and if you do need to be out in it make sure to wear SPF 30 or higher and reapply every 30 minutes (regardless of it if says its good for longer – if its only an SFT 15 or less don’t bother your not helping your skin with such a low number to start with). Supply wise having a fio pack to put the insulin into helps keep it cool but nothing will prevent it from getting issues with heat only way to do that is to keep it in a portable fridge or cooler or better yet don’t go out at all and not worry about it.



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