#dsma Chat n Reply – W17

TOPIC: The cost of Diabetes

Q1. Diabetes is an expensive disease (with insurance or without insurance) how do you find ways to save money?
My folks when possible use their senior discount that they get the chance to do so – it helps with the cost of supplies but does nothing for the cost of the insulin or glumetza itself unfortunately those I still have to cover out of my own pocket.

Q2.Is cost keeping you from using any tools to manage your diabetes? i.e.- pumps, cgms, oral medication or insulin
The cost of the insulin does make me try and only use one vile a month even though I should be using two, but I can’t afford the cost so I just make do with what I can and go from there.

Q3. Your thoughts on generic insulin or lack of?
Toronto doesn’t work for me we tried it and well it was less then great as a result its the only generic one that I know of that is in use around here.

Q4. Do you think the proposed HCR bill will lift the financial burden (some) PWD’s have? And how? (non-USA residents) How does your healthcare system help you with the cost of diabetes?
OHIP covers general care when it comes to going to the doctor but that’s about it it doesn’t cover supplies or the like (wish it did).



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