#dsma Chat n Reply – W16

Pharmacy and Social Media-Diabetes Awareness month

Q1.Do patients think pharma companies should be involved with social media?
It doesn’t hurt for them to at least have a connection and offering free stuff doesn’t hurt either.

Q2. Can both “sides” learn a little something from each other? Pt’s learn from pharm com and them learning from Pt’s
I am sure everyone can learn something from someone else given enough time and understanding in general

Q3. Do you like or dislike when a pharm company participates on online communities? Do you think it’s taking away from the PT?
No idea really since I’ve not seen much of this in general, I mostly don’t pay attention to ad’s that for the most part less they are annoying I don’t even give them a second glance, and if they are annoying I just don’t go where they are if at all possible, or just block them in my browser so I don’t have to worry about seeing them again.

Q4. What does National Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day mean to you as a PWD or caretaker?
In general nothing, but in the broad side of things its a day and a month to get the word out about diabetes and treatment and everything to those who are not diabetic but to also to those who are, to let them know that they are now alone in what they do face.

Q4.5 Do you think more needs to be done during World Diabetes Day and National Diabetes Awareness month? What can we do?
Not sure I understand the Q, I know of many local events taking place on WDD and I know that locally speaking there are several events during the month planned, but as far as how much in the out reach area they are I do not know.



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