#CanDoc Chat – Diabetes Organization

The following Questions are taken from the CanDOC tweet chat.

1. Do you have a designated section in your home for your diabetes supplies? Where is it?
I don’t have a space set aside for my supplies, I keep anything related to my D in one of my backpack since its always with me when out and about and my back-up meter my hubby has in one of his drawers with an extra supply of lancets and strips.

2. How do you organize your supplies?
Not sure I understand about what you mean organize supplies I don’t have my stuff in any particular order or anything I just have it tossed into my bag willy nilly.

3. What are some tips you have for those new to diabetes when it comes to keeping things in order?
I don’t have any suggestions other then finding out what works best for you and your personal needs, following what other say you should do vs finding out what work best to you is about the only advice I can give to another living with D.

4. How do you organize your diabetes supplies when on the go? What’s in the travel bag and how do you keep things neat and clean?
Again my supplies are in my pack so they are always with me regardless of if its going to work or traveling. Only thing I might have extra is if traveling outside of the country I’d make sure to have a note from my various doc’s stating I am diabetic and how its being treated, but as far as traveling around ontario not much of an issues since if I need emergency insulin anywhere in ontario i just have to go to a shoppers drug mart or other pharmacy and can get an emergency vile of it without a script.

5. For safety reasons, do you have any written instructions for loved ones? How do you make sure they know what everything is and how to use it?
I don’t have any instructions written down for N because he already knows what I’m taking, when I take it and how much I tend to take – he also knows the phone number of my endro so can contact him if needed. Also N knows where I keep my D stuff save the emergency back-up that he takes care of himself.



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