30 Days of Diabetes – Day 9

Day 9 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is Have you ever traveled far away with it? What was that like?

I’ve only traveled to the US since being told I”m diabetic so its not been that bad save for one trip down with Norman – our first as a married couple which was rather rocky to say the least. We had a stop over in Denver and well there I lost my supplies because the twits confiscated them saying I had “no medical right” since my doc script I had wasn’t valid there in the US, which is utter bull – but what you wont for those ppl at times.

Had to have my folks ship me down a whole new supply of insulin that I had just gotten the day before we’d left – talk about not good on the pocket book (had them ship it because its cheaper then buying it in the us for various reasons). But other then that issue with the TSA not had to much issue with traveling outside of Canada.



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