30 Days of Diabetes – Day 5

Day 5 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays questions is Pump, shots, or something else? Why? What meter/pump do you use?

I’m on shots (lantus and humalog) and oral medication (Glumetza). As to why I’m on lantus and humalog, simple my body no longer can fully make use of the oral medication thus it needs the help of insulin to do the job in keeping me alive and kicking. As to why Glumetza over the regular metformin simple my body can’t tolerate the regular stuff and the glumetza which is a long acting oral medication woks better with my body to the limited degree that it does work that is.

As to the meter, I use a Freestyle brand meter the exact one varies as I have the two current ones on the market and end up switching between the two depending on which one I grab (one is back up one is primary – but reality is both are used daily).



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