30 Days of Diabetes – Day 11

Day 11 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, today’s question is What’s your record for highs/lows?

The highest I’ve been since being told I’m Diabetic would be mmol 25 (450) not an uncommon number while I was staying down in the US (Colorado Springs, CO) for 6 months with N shortly after getting married while the lowest I got while down there was mmol 12 (216), I never was able to get under 12 save once and the day I did was only because I ODed on insulin.

Here at home my normal high is around mmol 18 (324) with average low being around mmol 7 (126) though like in the previous post I’ve gone lower as low as mmol 2.2 (and no idea how I was still functional at the low a level which makes me wonder if it was a true reading or not).



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