Depo Provera

This might be a little rant or not depending on how to you look at it and read it.

I am actually getting really really tired of people bitching and complaining about the drug Depo Provera – I have joined a couple of groups for the past several months which where labeled as pro Depo Provera but which have nothing but hate towards the drug, and as a result of me bring pro Depo I’ve gotten some really pissed off emails from ppl who use the “Queens” english rather poorly to say the least.

I can’t help get a little miffed with people who say that they didn’t know X could happen, or Y might happen while being on Depo – my comment I want to make is where have you been living? Depo Provera has been on the market for ages, many of the problems associated with it, are well known. Saying you didn’t know it could happen is just not possible – we live in an information age where information is at your finger tips.

Even 10 years ago, you could go to any library and look up the information on Depo get the studies, get the pros and cons of the drug – so saying that you didn’t know it could happen and blaming your doc for putting you on something you should have look up and made the choice for yourself if not very responsible in my personal opinion.

Also the cases against Depo these Class action suits I’d though them out of court most of them – maybe the odd one might get though for various reasons, but the bulk of them I don’t think so. The time has long passed in my personal opinion of being able to say you didn’t know or blaming your doc for not telling you. Maybe 20 years ago you might have been able to make the case, but not in the past 10 years bear min can that really be the case – at least from what I have read, seen and know.

I new full well about the drug, when my Doc asked would it be something I would consider taking as a possibility for treatment with what was going wrong with me. I new going onto the drug that there might be side effects to taking it, and I new full well the complications it might cause me.

I also knew before even taking it that I was going to be allergic to it – I’m allergic to over 400 drugs on the market already because of one of my Medication Conditions, and on the top of the list not go on with this particular medical condition is Depo Provera, BCPs, Progesterone, and Estrogen.

I hear some people getting upset about gaining weight being on Depo, well from what I understand you can gain weight being on any BCP and Depo’s no different in that regards. I haven’t gained weight being on it, I’ve lost it so for me at least its not been a negative in that regards.

Other people I hear are upset about not having a sex drive because of it – again taking any BCP can cause that side effect. Not a problem with me, I never had one to start with, so can’t miss what I’ve never had (though you’d think with my high T levels, I’d have been as horny as the dickens since that level within the body should make you horny in the extreme – but not me, maybe less will have that effect, still waiting to find out).

For myself, I do not have the worries that many people who seem to have been on or are currently on Depo Provera, I am already infertile – and I new this going on to the drug.

I didn’t go on the drug with the need for it to be used as Birth Control, like so many women do. For me it was more of a last ditch effort to control the non-stop bleeding, and or worse buy me a few years with my reproductive system being intact before I have to have it removed (for various other medical reasons).

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am allergic to the HRT I would have already have my reproductive system removed and been dun with it all, but because I am having it removed would send me into early menopause and other possible complications which I rather avoid. So the Depo Provera itself is buying me time – in a few years things will be reevaluated to see what options might now be there for me, and if its the same then i’ll continue on with it – though if by 35 there is no chance I’ll go through with it and hope to the goddess that there is a treatment that I might be able to take that will mean the early menopause will not be a problem.

Oh well take care everyone,



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