Ontario hikes university, college tuition fees

Well it wasn’t cheap for me to get my University degree, nor was it to get my sheets of paper from high school I mean college (what can i say, college was like being back at high school – not much work, little to no home work, and getting higher then 90 was fair easy).

Let them put it up, if you want the computers, the software, and materials that are for the courses you need to pay for it.

If you can’t afford it OSAP and the like are there to help, and if you like me didn’t meet the requirements to be able to get it, well work for it – I did. I worked full time to put myself though University and College, and on top of that I was invovled with my schools volenteering and everything – so I know it can be dun.

Some might say your smart you can do it, but I can’t well truth is I have a learning disability, am hearing impared and have a few other medical conditions which I didn’t allow to get in my way with getting my education – it just made me all that more determanded to get what it was I was aiming towards.

I graduated Univesrity without debt, and the same with college – I didn’t have any saving to speak of thanks to paying for school but it sure felt good to have gotten what I did against all the odds layed agaist me.

The only side of things I don’t like is that there are some college instructors out there who are NOT worth the money they make to teach because either they can’t teach worth a dam, or they don’t know how to teach what they know – either way that sucks big time.

Let the fees go up, it will not stop me from going to school and taking the course I wish to take (the only thing that will stop that is if the courses are not offered anymore.

Article: Ontario hikes university, college tuition fees

Well my point of view, take care



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