What a day…

I know why my time getting to work was long, there was a fire on Queen St W. (the way that I go to work), according to an article in the Toronto Star entitled “Fire guts Queen St. landmark, the only building I know of in that are of town that is historical is the building on University and Queen, which was moved there many many moons ago from its former location (I hope that is not the building that they are talking about, if it was I’m sure they would tell us it was).

Well thus far today here at work, things have been going well, I’ve mostly been working on a single part of a new site that the company has a contract for, I’m not much for making table of data, but well since they have to be graphical guess who get that job *chuckles*, well after comparing my work vs. my bosses version, my version won, thus I get the task of creating all the table data for the client (reason for graphic table is because for the client’s system that they are delivering their content on, its flash based, thus they can’t call static HTML code into the file, thus the image its to call are graphics, which work well enough but are time consuming in creating, Its taken me almost 30min to make a single table with about 30 sub sections, which takes up 10 flash frames to be delivered – do to the side of the flash frame its being drawn into.)

I’ve not gotten much chance to look though the Newspaper this morning or afternoon for that matter, though I did read some interesting article in the Star on the way to work this morning. One of the articles which caught my attention was entitled “A tiny soldier in war on homelessness – Winnipeg girl has raised $200,000, Empire Club’s youngest-ever speaker.

It was a good article and made me think about all the people who are here in TO who do not have a place to live, either because they do not wish to be part of the social system or for other reasons (medical, mental, etc). I know that I am not always as nice to a homeless person as I could well be when I see them on the streets around work or in general, but I do buy some a cup of coffee when I have the extra funds to do so, or given them part of my food (that I have no interest in, such as the soup from my lunch which I don’t eat, but comes with my lunch nun the less).

I know that I don’t do a lot, but I do what I can when I can, and it is nice to see that there are others out there who do so as well.

One thing that I do every year with my folks is we go though our old clothing and see what doesn’t fit and what doesn’t fit we take to the local Native shelter, which caters to the local Native American population who need clothing etc.

I don’t feel like giving the clothing to some of the used clothing organizations mostly because I know that not all the clothing you give them makes its way to those who truly need it (such as the homeless). Yes I am aware that some of the clothing given to the Native Centre might get sold, but for me helping the local Native population as I am able makes me personally feel very good, this is also something he did this past year, he donated much of his old clothing (some never warn) to the Native Centre and I am sure that there where a few people who where pleased to have what was given.

Well I hope everyone is doing well this fine day, take care everyone.



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