Sears and – what a combo

Well its been on the books I’m sure for a while, but its now official Sears is apparently joining forces with, in an article entitled “Sears, plan to join forces – Aimed to boost sales of both, Sears CEO says, Amazon to run website, Sears to deliver goods”, well is this a surprise? Not really since well Amazon is a large company and it does have already in place a distribution centre and what not, so its only to a degree logical to enlist them in the effort to give Sears an edge on their product shipment and what not. Though it does appear that Sears will still be the ones to deliver the goods (but who knows what can change between now and when things are up and running.

One thing I am sure many who work for the company are going to be wondering is how will this merger affect their jobs, cause well I can’t see Amazon taking on those who currently work on the Sears retail web site and maintain it, it just doesn’t unfortunately make economic sense, since they have their own people that are already doing this, then again keeping those who have been with the company X amount of time to help with the transition might work, who knows, time well tell on this matter. For the workers sake I hope it all woks out for them.

Well I don’t know about some people, but I have only ever gotten something from Amazon once ever in my life, for the most part I have avoided doing so since well I prefer to buy Canadian when ever possible, and yes I could well buy via, but their parent company is american, and that for me is enough of a reason to shop else where if I can get a better bargain then what they are offering.

I like to shop at Sears, but since their prices are normally out of my range I tend not to shop at their store, or even use there catalog to shop. For my own deal I tend to shop a Zellars or Wal-Mart (yes they are american based company, but well there prices on many items can’t be beat even with a 10% discount proven guarantee). I also noticed a couple weeks ago that was now tied in with, which kind of miffed me, since well as I stated before I’m not only found of buying form companies which are american based, even if they have a canadian affiliate to what ever degree. So I’m still holding out for the CDs I’d like to get, that I apparently can only get via HMV (at least that is the only music place I’ve found thus far I can get them, and I do not mean via their stores either, since the store’s have no idea of the person I’m talking about much less can find him in their database, which sucks.)

Well I hope all is well everyone, take care all.

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