War, conflict, sighs

Well I must admit that I am getting a little tired of hear in the news about whats going on in Beirut, I know that people are still trapped over there who are Canadian citizens and the like, but when it takes up over half the news that I’m watching or listening to that gets on my nerves expecailly when I want to know what’s happening locally (of which the info gets cut so bad that you learn nothing).

I will also admit, like others who I have heard of CFRB 1010 and other stations. I do feel that those who are over there who where on vacation or the like should get out first, those who choose to go back there to live instead of staying in canada – well you chose to leave, so stay where you chose to live and be dun with it already.

K not a great view and I know there are people who disagree with me over this, but I am sick and tired of people who clam to be canadian yet they haven’t worked a day here, don’t live here and what not – it gets on my nerves. I don’t mind those who go to work else where for experiance for because that is where work send them, but they have every intent on comming back – many of those who i have seen seemed to have no such intent to start with.

Yes everyone is intitled to a good life where they are safe and the like, but when you return to an area which is unstable and the like – hello! you already know that things can go south prity freaking fast. Yes it might be your home country and the like, but hello! you came to Canada to make it your new home, not get a canadian citizenship because its freaking convenian to get and might help you if things go bad for you (that is freaking abuse of the system – and those who do that don’t deserve the protection in my personal opinion).

Guess you can tell that I am nun to pleased, oh well it will pass once the hype has died down. All these people who seemed not interested in returning to canada, makes me wonder where they will be staying and why should my tax dollars be used to house them when they chose to leave this country in the first place.

Oh well take care everyone



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