Gramma 97 left in SUV on HOT day

Shakes head, some people just do NOT think then it comes to the lives of their loved ones, the Star yesterday reported that a Mother and Daughter left the grandmother in a locked SUV in sweltering temps of 40C+ for upwards of a freaking hour (though they say no more then 30 min).

“A 97-year-old woman is recovering in a Burlington hospital after she was left alone in a sweltering vehicle for almost an hour during the worst heat wave of summer while her family went shopping.”

Like hello what the freaking world where they thinking leaving a person in a car, at that temp for any length of time. It was all over the weather stations and radio etc about not being out side and not leaving animals or children in car’s for crying out loud!

“We do love her. It’s not like we meant to do it,” her granddaughter, Kimberly Bouclair, 36, said yesterday. “It was an accident … we just didn’t think.”

Didn’t think is right! It’s totally amazing that they didn’t kill her from their lack of not thinking!

“Seniors, like children, are very susceptible to the heat. Extreme heat inside a car can cause brain damage or even death in a short time. It can take less than 15 minutes for a car’s temperature to rise more than 20C when the outside temperature is around 30C, research indicates.

“In that heat, five or six minutes could probably (cause) a medical distress,” Fredo said.”

I don’t know about some people, but throwing the book at the two twits who didn’t think about what they where doing is a good idea. yes the grandmother wants to be with her family and they her, but if it had been a baby this was dun to well the child might have died – they are freaking lucky that the grandmother survived.

Well my little venting of the day

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