Time to VOTE

Well its time for another Federal Election here in Canada, time to see who will make up our next Government, will it be the NDP? Liberals? Conservatives? the Green?

I know that at the moment it looks like it might well be made again up of Conservatives once again, though I am so hoping that its not a majority government this time around, but if they do get some power that it is at least another minority government.

Do I have a preferance for who should get in power? Yes, of course I do, but the party I support doesn’t yet have enough support to get that as yet, maybe in another 10 years it might, but they have yet to get a single seat in parlament so maybe with this election that will change and they will be on their way to getting that possibility (as remote as it might well be).

Chuckles I just did the Star’s “Party Game” and it gave me Greens, Block and Liberals as my closet party matches.

* Beaches-East York (my area)
* No good excuse for not voting
* Early voters shut out, residents annoyed
* Leaders head for home (main coverage page)



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