MD vs Future potential children case

Well its been settled, and I for one am pleased that the courts rules that its not the doc’s deal to make sure a women of age to have children be lible for what that person might take or does to their body that might cause a future child to be born with problems, in a ruling “A doctor’s professional obligations do not extend to the unconceived children of their patients, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled today”.

I agree that if a women takes a drug that is known to cause birth defects then that is her own choice to do so, thinking that they will scate the odd and not have it happen them them is wrong and childish, aka you gamble and more tiems then not you louse that gamble.

The women who gambled and her daughter is now paying the price of that gamble new 100% full well what could happen when she was given that drug, thinking that her hubby was fixed and unable to make her preggers might well have been foolish, but you can also blame the doc who did that deal on him for it failing if you go after one doc go after the other as well – then again we’re not the US to go after all doc’s involved (but doesn’t stop a few from trying to do so).

I guess you can say that I am pro choice, and I support a women’s right to chose to have or not have a child. But at the same time I believe that you should only have a child if you can support it till it hits 18 years of age and can support itself to what ever degree. I do not belive in my tax dollars going towards child support or care when it comes to day care (my mom stayed home to raise me, and it cost my folks an income in her doing so, but they made do, so I don’t see why other’s can’t do the same deal).

Oh well, here is the article to which this comment has been written on, take care everyone.

Full article: No MD ‘duty of care’ to unconceived child: Court



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