Canadian Politics – its that time of year again…

Well I do not know about some Canadian’s but I am getting tired of all the campaigning, and the phone calls “will you be voting for…., do you know anyone in your house hold you will be voting for …” it is getting really annoying and I am getting really tired of the TV ads, people campaigning at the doors and everything.

There is no way in hell I’d even consider voting Conservative – shutters at the very though of doing so. That party is determined to set Canada back a 100 years it does seem. They might have some good things that they are saying, but to be the negatives far out weight the positives that they boast about. Then again their leader just gives me the creeps, can’t explain why just looking at him sends me bad vibes (and I didn’t even know who he was when I first saw an image of him – go figure that one out).

I might vote for the NDP, they have a lot going for them and have had experience in power before (even if it didn’t last that long). Though I can’t say that I like the fact that jack layton is the head of the party, things are just not going right for him it does seem of late, and that might make it an issue when it comes to election time for some people who have supported the NDP for a number of years.

I’m not a Liberal supporter to a large degree, but they have gotten things going and created some new things within the government and they did bring in the sam-sex marriage laws – so they do have something going for them. Though again they haven’t exactly dun a great job when it comes to education or health care in general – they say they have put money into health care and education – like hello, they have just put money back which was taken away from it to start with, so the education and health care systems are no further ahead then they started with.

Now the Green Party of Canada has little to no hope of getting in what so ever, yet there is a chance that they actually might get a couple of seats this time round. I personally like the Green Party, I like what they stand for even though I understand that they have no experience in power or within the commons, to me they are still giving it a good go, and if they ever should get into the commons who knows what can go on from there.

And as far as the Bloc goes, to me that are a Quebec only deal, and are at the same level as the Conservative’s not to mention their site is only in french so I haven’t got a clue what they are saying as I do not read french and I understand even less of it then I can read (and I will not go a google translation of the sties to me its not worth my time).

All in all, there are only two parties which are running in my area who I would vote for, and at the moment I am doing what research I can on both of them (as in reading what their candadate has to say and offer for my area). I know that in the past my area has been primarly NDP, but of late that has been changing to wards Liberal at least with all the new money coming it has – well see if the riding changes this time round or not.

Well take care everyone



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