Camping in SecondLife, Part 2

Well I am still getting questions about camping in SecondLife and requests for camping sites, so here is another installment about Camping in SecondLife.

Camping in Second Life
Part 2

Q: How can I find a place to Camp?
A: It can be easy and hard to find places to camp within SecondLife, it all depends on how interested you are in searching for those camping areas. One of the fastest ways of finding camping locations is to use SEARCH.

Edit > Search… > Places > Type in the Find field: Camping and you should get 100+ listings of places that offer a Camping Option. However, just because it shows up that it has camping doesn’t 100% mean that it does offer the type of camping your looking for, some require you to join their group to camp, others only let to camp if you remain active (as in answering pop questions or the like), so review them to see what will work best for you.

Q: Where can I camp?
A: There are many places within SecondLife to camp…
*Money Tree Island is good for those who’s account is under 30 days (but those over can still go there and camp, you just can’t use the Money Trees).

*Welfare Island is another place to camp, you can’t make as much as other places, but an average of 1L per 10 min isn’t that bad in general.

*All Second Life Jobs, has camping spots and you can also apply for in world work while there.

The list can go on with locations to camp, I’ve just listed a few here that I have used in the past myself.

Q: Where are the Highest Paying Camping Locations?
A: That I can’t answer, every location that offers camping has their own set of rules that they follow, many locations its 1L per 10 min others its 1L per 20 min (though more common 2L per 20 min), it varies from location to location with come locations having only one spot paying out high with the rest lower (this is a common one I’ve found, almost like a bate and switch deal it does seem, show one deal but only give it to one location and not the rest).

Q: I’ve camped, yet I’ve not gotten paid what gives?
A: If a location you are camping at fails to pay out, it is best to find out who the owner of the area is and IM them about the payment failure. If you are thinking of reporting the payment failure to Linden Labs well you can but they do not tend to get involved with camping areas that fail to pay out. However, there is always the breach of the TOS can might be applied though more times then not your out of luck.

Q: How can I stop people from giving me Landmarks, Note Cards or other things while Camping?
A: One of the ways to do this is to go under Client > Character > Character Tests > Go Away / AFT When Idle … However, this can have a down side if your really are idle you will get log out of SecondLife before being Idle. This is when having a HUD or other feature come in handy to allow you to be able to camp. One of the HUDs you can get is the AFK HUD it can be found in many freebie packs around SecondLife. However, I do not know if the HUD is actually legal or not so use it at your own risk.

Now, while you are using this feature you will not be able to get Message, Note Cards, or Landmarks, if someone IMs you they will get an away message stating you are not at your computer at the moment.

Q: How can I Keep SL allowing me to Camp and be away from my computer at the same time? Every time I go away from my computer it logs me out for inactivity!
A: By Default SecondLife is set for 15 min before it will log you out, to get around this you can do the following…
.:Change the value of the client AFKTimeout variable:.
1. Enable the Debug Menu, if it isn’t already viewing (you do not see the Client and Server menus in your client). Press Ctrl+Alt+D.
2. From the Client Menu, located at the top middle of your client’s menu bar, go Client > Debug Settings.
3. Using the Debug Settings menu, pick the AFKTimeout variable from the drop down list.
4. Set the value to 9999999, which should change to -2147483.750 after entering.
5. (optional) You can disable the AFK gesture by choosing AllowIdleAFK from the Debug Settings Window. Then change the default value from TRUE to FALSE.

Well thats it for now everyone



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