Blinking at the scales…

K well in my last post I was staying that I was yoyoing between 262 and 258, well it seems to have shifted and in a good direction no less.

I hit the scales several times today, not because I needed to or wonted to but because of the number that I saw when I woke up, and I just wonted to see how much it moved up and down over the course of the day (which well it didn’t really do much movement to speak up), so my new weight apparently is now sitting at…

252 lbs

Yes you read that right, 252 pounds .. k really 252.5 but hay it still is down from the 258 and even the 262, never mind the 260 that I’d been holding around since November of last year.

I am pleased as punch to see the scale in the 250’s mark but shocked to see it almost at the 240 mark! … I am 5 months a head of my goal, and I do be it I was hopping as I stated before to be in the 250s by July of this year, not the end of the month.

I was hoping to be closer to the 240 mark or within the 240s by December of this year … Now it does appear that I might actually be at or close to my goal weight by the end of the year .. .ummmm would be good yes, but I am so not sure that its healthy for me to get the weight off that fast. But if my body is doing it, then maybe it is right, will just have to see.

Aka, If I end up stuck in the 250s for a few months that is just fine with me, as I do not wont to get the weight of faster then my body can get use to it being down and off, cause I wish to keep it off, and I know from experiance that the longer it stays at a weight the easer it is to maintain it at that level without problems.

Well take care everyone,



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