Time has passed… ouch!

Well where has the time gone? seems like it should have only been a couple of days since I last posted anything to my blog, but it does appear that the last thing of major meaning that I posted about was around the 11th of the month, whoops.

Guess its time for an update of sorts on what has been happening in my life and what have you.

Well for started been dealing with two site hacks, one for PathWalkers and one for Macintosh Sisters. As a result I have spent a a fair amount of time re-working Macintosh Sisters, its no longer got a members section, that was trashed and replaced it with another system totally in the hopes that this will help the community grow and prosper beyond what has been happening with the community for the past 18 months.

What I have dun for Macintosh Sisters is basically turned it into a form of a blog that members can join to post comments and the like, but with luck will have less problems with hackers and members who join posting comments which are nothing but spam (since all comments are now moderated, and you have to join the site to be able to even comment to start with).

My pagan is under review, after the last hack this week its put me over the edge in dealing with the site itself and the multiple problems that have been going on without the ability to fix things. AKA the system that it is running is no longer supported, less I wish to pay a support fee and the program that is running is not great to start with, but frees free, so can’t complain about that side of things.

Yes there are other CMS systems that I could convert over to, but nun of them seem to be what I am looking for, or if they are they cost more then I can afford to pay out for such a program without charging for membership to the site (which I will NOT do).

I’ve also been dealing with upgrade issues with WordPress, the upgrade to 2.3.2 is not happening as smoothly as they say it should happen. As in still getting the info that I’ve i’ve upgraded yet also at the same time being told that I still need to update … its fair frustrating to say the least.

Well take care everyone,



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