Loonie breaks $1.05 barrier

The Canadian dollar continued to soar against its U.S. counterpart Monday, hitting $1.05 US in early afternoon trading. That means theloonie is almostwithin one centof its postwar high of $1.0614 US, set in August 1957. to read full article click here

First Podcast in the works

Well I finally have my first Podcast in the works, and its called “Lefts Get … Healthy, Fit and Active!” I’m still in the process of recording the first ep, am hoping to have it uploaded to my server laster this week and linked in my profile for those who … Continue reading

Tired in the Extream

Sighs I have next to no energy today, I am feeling blllllla again. K maybe its the going to the gym every other day that’s got that happening, or maybe its just the fact that I’ve been bleeding for two weeks now and its getting on my nevs that depo … Continue reading

New Client

Well got a new client to build a web site for, should prove interesting as they are fellow pagans. These clients are different as they are from the US, not local as has been common of late, but hay a clients a client as long as one can talk with … Continue reading

Save Title IX (USA)

When federal law Title IX was passed in 1972 in the US, it gave girls and women the green light to play sports just as hard as the boys. Well apparently this law is now on the copping block or at least getting close to it in various areas, which … Continue reading

long day…

K this is new for me I am actaully looking forward to the weekend, and hoping to hell that its not as busy as last weekend was. I’d like come comp time at home to get though the growing email back log – no idea how high it is now, … Continue reading

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