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We’re back and an Update

Well we’re back,

We did find once place that was not all grease and fat to eat at, it was a place attached to Days Inn (i think it was – looked like popular chain, cause when I looked it up down there it seemed to be attached to just about all of them in one form or another – but its not the case up here).

We ate at it the second last day we were there, would have liked to have known about it sooner, but then again as he said its not that cheap to eat at, and it wasn’t when it cost us about 25.00 for the meal (though that is about average – its still more then we pay here for a meal between the two of us).

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In The US For 12 More Days

Well it has been a long time since i was in any part of the US (last time was my trip to alaska – this time around its with my mate to visit his family in colarado springs.

one thing is for sure i am seeing more weighted people around there then I see back home – its a little shocking to see actually. That and how blasted costly food is here to eat in general, not to mention how yucky looking some of the foods are that are cooked in the resturants we\ve been to (been sticking to mostly veggie stuff since most of the stuff i see makes my tummy turn – fat or greese haven it looks like to me, even McDs didn’t look good, actualy looked worse then the ones i go to at home)

I know i’ve only been here since the 21st, but still feels a lot longer in what we have dun since we landed – i can see why he wonts to live with me and not down here (at least from what little i’ve seen thus far), if this stuff i am seeing around here for food etc normal talk about ouchies big time – aka healthy eating is so not encouraged it does appear.

ouch he did get in …. not good

Well it does appear that that Oboma got in, over the old bloke.

I am not pleased, then again to me neither of them from what I saw was worth it – one throwing around funds like candy the other luck lacking period.

I know the US hasn’t got much going for it when it comes to election choices only have two parties, but still.

Well I am 100% glad its over with, now I can stop getting all the crap in my inbox and all the crap filling my accounts in relation to the elections that I had no interest in what so ever – aka I don’t send out notices to people about who I am voting for encouraging them to do the same, thus I do NOT like getting such crap from others.

Oh well one can hope that this time around the US public didn’t elect yet another nit twit – but since the bloke appears to have little info on Canada to start with it seems that this is the case.

* US Election news

MD vs Future potential children case

Well its been settled, and I for one am pleased that the courts rules that its not the doc’s deal to make sure a women of age to have children be lible for what that person might take or does to their body that might cause a future child to be born with problems, in a ruling “A doctor’s professional obligations do not extend to the unconceived children of their patients, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled today”.

I agree that if a women takes a drug that is known to cause birth defects then that is her own choice to do so, thinking that they will scate the odd and not have it happen them them is wrong and childish, aka you gamble and more tiems then not you louse that gamble.

The women who gambled and her daughter is now paying the price of that gamble new 100% full well what could happen when she was given that drug, thinking that her hubby was fixed and unable to make her preggers might well have been foolish, but you can also blame the doc who did that deal on him for it failing if you go after one doc go after the other as well – then again we’re not the US to go after all doc’s involved (but doesn’t stop a few from trying to do so).

I guess you can say that I am pro choice, and I support a women’s right to chose to have or not have a child. But at the same time I believe that you should only have a child if you can support it till it hits 18 years of age and can support itself to what ever degree. I do not belive in my tax dollars going towards child support or care when it comes to day care (my mom stayed home to raise me, and it cost my folks an income in her doing so, but they made do, so I don’t see why other’s can’t do the same deal).

Oh well, here is the article to which this comment has been written on, take care everyone.

Full article: No MD ‘duty of care’ to unconceived child: Court

1.50 for gas? ACK!!!

According to an article in the Toronto Star entitled “CIBC sees $1.50/litre gas ‘soon’, according to the STAR “The widening demand-supply gap could push crude oil prices as high as US$150 a barrel by 2012, said CIBC World Markets chief economist Jeff Rubin, who in 2005 was among the first analysts to predict the $100-a-barrel oil price which materialized this month.”

I don’t know about you, but that to me is just wrong, on oh so many ways. I know in the US they are paying more for gas then we are, but still I don’t know about you but at 1.50 for gas I’d not be using my car much at all, aka cost prohibitive in the extreme (at least in this point in time it would be).

Oh well one can only hope that alternative forms of fuel are found and adopted before this happens or that alternative modes of transport which are just as good as the car are developed (and I don’t mean the TTC or the like since to me they are not efficient as they currently stand).

Well take care,

First Podcast in the works

Well I finally have my first Podcast in the works, and its called “Lefts Get … Healthy, Fit and Active!”

I’m still in the process of recording the first ep, am hoping to have it uploaded to my server laster this week and linked in my profile for those who wish to listen to it.

I’m still trying to get a feel for the mic and what not, but the sounds good and the software works (garageband, is starting to come in handy it does appear, though iWorks is still usless to me as I do my own web design work).

The casts that I think I am going to be doing will cover various things, from what I read in the news, to stuff that bugs me, to things I see at the gym and other topics of interest to me that are health and fitness related, including but not limited to my own personal journey to getting into better shape.

Well take care

Sadeness, Part I (Violent US Remix)EnigmaMCMXC AD (Bonus Disc)

Tired in the Extream

Sighs I have next to no energy today, I am feeling blllllla again. K maybe its the going to the gym every other day that’s got that happening, or maybe its just the fact that I’ve been bleeding for two weeks now and its getting on my nevs that depo shop can’t come fast enogh it does feel (not that it will stop the bleeding, but it will at least stop it for a short period of time (couple weeks type deal).

My sites are going alright, though one like always is getting the brunt of hacks .. growls at males who don’t have anything better then to attack a female site for female computer users, it stucks.

Mom’s not doing as well as she could be doing, but like everything she’s getting along as best as she is able to do so. The whole house has to undergo a bit of a retro fit in the next several months to help accomidate mom’s new needs (a chair left, handles added to shower and bath, and a few other deals), she’s also getting a scooter to help her get around when she is out, since she can’t walk for very long (10 to 15 min tops before she’s tuckered out).

We’ve also won a trip, not sure where to (since we have a choice to choose where we wish to go) nor when it will take place, just that it will take place this year sometime and be to the US. I’ll know more Sunday, when my folks go to the place that they won the trip from (mom can’t go because of her needs, so that means dad and I will be going). Should prove to be intersting to say the least I am sure.

Well take care everyone,

New Client

Well got a new client to build a web site for, should prove interesting as they are fellow pagans.

These clients are different as they are from the US, not local as has been common of late, but hay a clients a client as long as one can talk with them in some form of another and make themselves understood.

Can’t say much at the moment as things are still getting worked out between us as to whats needed and what not, but it all looks very good to say the least.

Well hope everyone had a good weekend, and if you do xmas, hope it was good for you as well, take care

Growls at the American Sex Offender, send him BACK!!

Ack I actauly agree with Stockwell Day on something that he’s said in the news yesterday …. runnnnnnnnnn

There has been some rather upsetting deals happening of late with the US, and the most recent one to get on many Canadian nerves it does appear is over the American who has been exiled to Canada all because he has a Canadian wife and children, but is not a Canadian citizen.

In yesterdays online Toronto Star, there is an article entitled “Day wants sex offender out” and you know what? I actually agree with Day and other Canadians that I do NOT want the US dumping ppl such as that bloke here in Canada, he’s an American let him serve his time there! We don’t want him here, at least I know I don’t.

I do agree with Days statements “We don’t want to see Canada become a haven for pedophiles or anyone else committing a serious crime” “We don’t want U.S. courts getting the notion that we just take people here that they would have to put in jail.”

I say sent the bloke back and let him serve the jail time that he deserves to serve for his crime. I really do not care, if what he did according to his us lawer was just kissing a underage girl and touching her bust while she was clothed, he has been charged in the US as a sex offender and thus should not be here in Canada what so ever, he’s broken the law down there, thus should pay for what he’s dun. Just like anyone else who breaks the law Canadian or American or what have you.