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DSMA – Acceptance

Q1. What are the things about living with diabetes that you accept? What are the things that you have trouble accepting?I accept that I can’t afford to be diabetic, I accept that its a condition that costs me income that I don’t have and that its result is increased CC debt. I have trouble accepting that I have insurance yet for all I have it it doesn’t seem to help with the cost of what I need (though I do know that the insulin if it wasn’t half way covered would be completely unaffordable).

Q2. What, if any, is the danger of being too accepting about life with diabetes? That you fall into a complacent mind set and are not as in touch with things around you as you might have at first been.

Q3. There are a few tweets about “being too accepting of diabetes” & diabetes burnout. Do u think the 2 go hand in hand? why? I think that the two can go hand in hand for various reasons, mostly the fact that at times one feels like they can’t do anything more because its all to much to shoulder and thus give up or just fall to far behind that catching up just can’t or doesn’t happen.

Q4. Does it bother you to see someone with a greater/lesser level of acceptance of diabetes than yourself? At times it does make me sad that someone who is younger then I am who has type 2 isn’t taking it seriously and taking steps to make lifestyle changes, its annoying on many levels the lack of drive they appear to have. But then again seeing adults who are older then myself who have it and also don’t make lifestyle changes or the like are just as annoying to various degrees.

Q4.5 How do you react to someone with greater/lesser level of acceptance of diabetes than yourself? All the power to them, if they are being more proactive then me great, as long as they don’t force it in my face or talk down to me in the process.

Q5. At what point did you accept that your child’s development of diabetes was not your fault? adults-when did you accept diabetes was not your fault? I actually never blamed myself for becoming diabetic, I did however blame my GP for not catching it years sooner because if she had taken steps when I was younger I might only be IR instead of having developed into Type 2 with IR (not that it might not have happened, but at least if I’d known sooner I might have had a better chance of starving it as long as possible).

Q6. Is acceptance a one time thing, or is life with diabetes a constant cycle of acceptance? I think its a day to day thing in general, you can accept that you have D and that it will never go away, but accepting other things that go along with D or can go along with it or what have you is another matter completely.

30 Days of Me – Day 1

Well here is the start of a New Year of 2011 … so here as a start to the new year is the first of many to come 30 Days of… the first one I am doing is the 30 Days of Me, thus I am going to post once a day for the next 30 days something about myself, that was asked on the list that I posted last year.

For the start of the session it calls for A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself. So here is as recent pic of myself as I have (web cam taken). Well maybe not the most flattering image of myself I’ve ever taken or had taken for that matter, but hay it didn’t say it had to be overly flattering just a recent pic, and well how much more recent can you get then a Pic just taken and posted?

So anyhow on the the 15 interesting facts about me…
1 I am Childfree
2 I was born in 1977 4 years after my folks got married
3 I have a learning disability, but I’ve not let it interfere with getting my education
4 I am dyslexic
5 I consider myself to be Pagan
6 I’m into fitness and health
7 I love Wolves
8 I’m a Fur
9 I’m a Graphic Artist and Web Designer
10 I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
11 I have Type 2 Diabetes and am on two types of Insulin (long acting and fast acting)
12 I’ve been active online since about 1994
13 I got my first computer back in 1984
14 I’m Married
15 I’ve been raped

#dsma Chat n Reply – W20

Limited Test Strips, TSA, Diabetes’ War

Q1 – There was a recent post on the CWD’s website-stating the State of Washington could be limiting the number of glucose strips to 1 test per day for children 0 – 12. What are your thoughts?
No idea what the CWD’s site is so can’t really comment on what is on the site or not, but the idea that children shouldn’t be testing more then once a day is nuts, does the state wish to be libel for every single child that dies do to not knowing what their glucose levels are because they couldn’t test more then once to make sure they where safe? But it doesn’t surprise me that this is out there, its just another sign that the US medical needs a major over haul.

Q2 – What are your thoughts on the new TSA guidelines? (pat downs)
I’m not overly in favor of the new guidelines as they have been reported in the news. Makes me less interested in flying then it did before, never been a major fan off flying to start with – tis always a hassle, now its even more of a hassle. Also the idea of someone touching me where only my hubby is allowed to touch or my gyn/doc leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I don’t care if its a female that touches me there its not a good solution what so ever. Going though that closterfobic box the get screened is no better either. Talking about re-traumatizing someone at least that would be how I see it if you are someone who has been abused or are not good with really tight places in general.

Q3 – Type 1 and Type 2 PWD’s does a “Type War” really exists? if so, why? How can this be fixed?
Not really sure, I’ve not really encountered it so I can’t really comment on if it exists or not since I’ve not experienced it in general myself.

Q3.5 – The title of the article was way off bases. Do you think Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes should have different names?
I don’t know of which article that is being referred to but in general I think that Diabetes is a large generalization of a medical condition, much like Porphyria covers 7 different types, Diabetes does the same in covering various types that it can be confusing to one and all just what each one is that they get lumped together without much thought. So giving each its own name, might well be of help to the general public, but at the same time people are so use to hearing Diabetes that to change it around for Type 1 being called X and Type 2 being called Y and type 1.5 being called Z would get a little confusing I would think till everyone was on the same page (around the world).

#dsma Chat n Reply – W15

Topics:Diabetes Controllable? and Unity

Q1. Type 1, Type 2, Type 1.5/LADA and Gestational diabetes (just to name a few) are all hard to control. Do you think diabetes controllable?
I think that one can control various things within their lives, but I do not think you can control all things and in that area all you can do is make the best of things as they come at you.

Q1.5 Do you think manage is a better word to use verses control?
Yes to me manage is a better word to use when it comes to diabetes over control at least for me that is the case.

Q2. What 3 things have you learned about self-care from the different types of diabetes?
1 that everyone is different when it comes to how diabetes effects them
2 that no two diabetics regardless of what type they have are the same when it comes to over all treatment
3 having someone who will listen and not judge you to talk to can be a big help when it comes to dealing with this condition

Q3. How can we rally together to rid the “Who’s got it worse” syndrome?
No idea just general education is all I know of that can help in this area when all is said and dun.

New alterations found in young adults with type 2 diabetes

ScienceDaily (2010-03-11) — Diet and aerobic exercise are highly effective for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, but not for obese subjects that have developed the disease when very young. A new study demonstrates that obese subjects between 18 and 25 years of age carry mitochondrial proteins and genes that work abnormally and that these anomalies contribute to generating insulin resistance and a reduced response to physical exercise.

Full article at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100311101604.htm

Lupron, anyone taken it or on it?

Greetings everyone,

In 4 weeks time I will be getting my first injection of Lupron, I’m only getting two shots at this point in time. GYN said maybe three, but two is what she’s looking at at this point in time.

I am being given the shot because I am still bleeding after being on depo provera since July 2005, I get a couple weeks reprieve from the bleeding once I get the depo shot then the bleeding starts right back up again. (I’ve been bleeding non-stop since January 2004, A month after I was put on Metformin, we did stop the Metformin for a time, but the bleeding didn’t stop what so ever).

I have had numerous DnCs to clear things out, but they haven’t worked at all. I have a small uterus 2.5, its underdeveloped and tilted, and the lining is at 0.6 at the moment, where it should be at 0.3 or 0.0.

I have PCOS, am a Type 2 Diabetic I DO NOT HAVE ENDRO so that is not a factor in my bleeding …. The doc’s don’t actually know why I am bleeding or why its not stopped. Different BCPs where tried but all ended me in the ER with varying problems, the depo didn’t though.

Anyhow, I know that Lupron sends you into immediate menopause, which is alright with me I know it can happen within 2 hours of the injection and that hot flashing, night sweets and the like are common (I get those as it is already, so if they condition no big deal to me, annoying only). I understand that there can be memory problems with the drug as a side effect, but that its a low occurrence deal that that happens 1 in 10 type deal or something it is.

After my two shots of the stuff I will be going back on depo provera. The goal is to thin my lining down so that I am not bleeding, but like everything we’re crossing our fingers hoping it will help, if not we’re upping the dose of depo to see if that works if that doesn’t work then she can submit to my insurance company that she has tried everything to stop my bleeding and that a hyster is the only solution. I can not have an ablasion dun or an IUD in most regards because of my small and underdeveloped uterus.

Anyhow, am wondering if other women have been given this treatment, or are still getting this treatment.