Lupron, anyone taken it or on it?

Greetings everyone,

In 4 weeks time I will be getting my first injection of Lupron, I’m only getting two shots at this point in time. GYN said maybe three, but two is what she’s looking at at this point in time.

I am being given the shot because I am still bleeding after being on depo provera since July 2005, I get a couple weeks reprieve from the bleeding once I get the depo shot then the bleeding starts right back up again. (I’ve been bleeding non-stop since January 2004, A month after I was put on Metformin, we did stop the Metformin for a time, but the bleeding didn’t stop what so ever).

I have had numerous DnCs to clear things out, but they haven’t worked at all. I have a small uterus 2.5, its underdeveloped and tilted, and the lining is at 0.6 at the moment, where it should be at 0.3 or 0.0.

I have PCOS, am a Type 2 Diabetic I DO NOT HAVE ENDRO so that is not a factor in my bleeding …. The doc’s don’t actually know why I am bleeding or why its not stopped. Different BCPs where tried but all ended me in the ER with varying problems, the depo didn’t though.

Anyhow, I know that Lupron sends you into immediate menopause, which is alright with me I know it can happen within 2 hours of the injection and that hot flashing, night sweets and the like are common (I get those as it is already, so if they condition no big deal to me, annoying only). I understand that there can be memory problems with the drug as a side effect, but that its a low occurrence deal that that happens 1 in 10 type deal or something it is.

After my two shots of the stuff I will be going back on depo provera. The goal is to thin my lining down so that I am not bleeding, but like everything we’re crossing our fingers hoping it will help, if not we’re upping the dose of depo to see if that works if that doesn’t work then she can submit to my insurance company that she has tried everything to stop my bleeding and that a hyster is the only solution. I can not have an ablasion dun or an IUD in most regards because of my small and underdeveloped uterus.

Anyhow, am wondering if other women have been given this treatment, or are still getting this treatment.



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