Second Life and work

Well it does appear that looking around and applying to various places within SL for SL based work has to degrees payed off, or rather might have dun so. I applied at a place a while back because they where looking for dancers, and well yesterday did their orentation and … Continue reading

Building in SL

Well finally got a chance to try building something in SL, chose to build a bed .. and actaully got it right (its very much like using programs such as 3D studio max and what have you, though slower and less complicated to various degrees) My only problem is I … Continue reading

Second Life

Well its been a while since I used the program, and I’ve been on the program for a few years now. But only this day have I even learned how to earn what are known as Lindon dollars, shakes head, took talking to a friend to get the info, sighs … Continue reading

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