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First Dance Job in SL

Well its intersting being a dancer in a dance club, not what I expected it to be like then again didn’t really know what to expect to start with.

But one this is for sure need to shop for some other outfits that will go though the various theme nights that they have, as what I have in my inventory at the moment is more towards the wiccan side of things then club, fet or kink it does appear.

It was a good night at the club, managed to net L$170, which isn’t bad for 1.5 hours work so to speak, at least compaired to what that time frame for camping will net someone.

Second Life and work

Well it does appear that looking around and applying to various places within SL for SL based work has to degrees payed off, or rather might have dun so.

I applied at a place a while back because they where looking for dancers, and well yesterday did their orentation and got the dancer pack, so it does seem that I have online work on SL, it doesn’t pay much something like L$35 an hour type deal, but its better then what any of the camping cushions/chairs, etc where paying out for that time period.

The income will be welcomed since it will mean I’ll have a better chance at renting a place to showcase my stuff and sell stuff, once I figure out how to do so that is. Have the idea of how its dun, just don’t know the specifics of it as yet. But like everything given time I’ll figure it out and get things working to my liking or at least close enough there of.

I m not sure about the “job” deal, its so outside of what I know and am use to, that I don’t know if its going to work out, am at the club at the moment checking things out, and ack the place is jamed packed with ppl, sighs/growls its giving me second throught about dancing there. Oh well all i can do is try it out, and if it doesn’t work out then so be it.

Take care everyone,

House Complete and moving in

Well I’ve completed the new look of my SL pad, and I must say that I am mighty pleased with its look and layout in general, there are areas that I’d like to change, but in general it works for me which is what matters in the end.

I’ve also set up an alter, complete with other pagan items which I have made for it. Though a few items i’ve also gotten free to add to it, just working on adding candles, which is proving to be not so reasy at this point in time, as in easer to buy them premade then make them its seeming (but I am so NOT giving up as yet in my quest to build them).

I’ve also gotten a few new looks for my AV to wear depending on my mood all three are asian dress in apearance but hay they work and look mighty fine on my AV I do think.


Second Life, making it happen

Well its taken a while but the house has been built, I am not 100% pleased with it, but that comes from my previous experiance in 3D creation and how SL’s limitations are ticking me off big time in what I can and can’t seem to do, so have to learn work arounds to get what it is that I am looking for.

But in general what I have created to me works for the time being, which means that I will tear it down in time and put up something else that I like better, but till then what I have is a good working modle.

I will admit that I am pleased with what I have come up with, I think it looks good in general. Though I will admit I am not 100% pleased with the way I have to use windows, or the outside cladding that is currently in use, but once again its what I have, I’ll go though my inventory and see what ther textures I have that will work, but like everything it takes time to get though it all.

PCOSProject goes SL

Well one of the sites and groups I am a member of and have been for a while now has gotten a Second Life … chuckles …

Well they are still putting the finishing touches on things, so its not 100% up and running on SL just yet, but its getting there that is for sure.

Well take care everyone,

Building in SL

Well finally got a chance to try building something in SL, chose to build a bed .. and actaully got it right (its very much like using programs such as 3D studio max and what have you, though slower and less complicated to various degrees)

My only problem is I don’t even know how to add the thing to my inventory, so that I can collect what I make and then sell them or use them myself, never mind added poseballs to what I make. Oh well first acomplishment down, now to learn how to save, and sell .. chuckles.

Earning Funds on SL

Well lets see here, its getting harder and harder it does feel to earn funds on SL .. there use to be a few places that I would go to dance to get a few L here and there but they are now gone, so have had to move on and trying and find other places to earn funds.

So far its not been a fruitfull venture to find new places to “camp”, K could be fruitfull, but the places found tend to also be well known it does seem and thus trying to catch a place is hard, that or you have to be active on the comp and keep reactivating every 10 min or you stop earning.

Oh well I could bite the deal and actually use a credit card and buy SL funds to use, but lets put it this way, its not freasable the way things currently are in my life to even consider doing that. Thus am having to earn it like many others on the site do.

Though 9.95 a month isn’t bad, its not great since that’s US and the 79 for a years membership is again good, but still US funds and still out of my range to even consider.

Oh well frees free, and hay at th emoment i’ve managed to earn L$399, so can’t complain to much, K i can but will not do me much good to do so.

Second Life

Well its been a while since I used the program, and I’ve been on the program for a few years now. But only this day have I even learned how to earn what are known as Lindon dollars, shakes head, took talking to a friend to get the info, sighs slow learner or what!

Oh well since then I have been playing around with my likeness, and what not … I must say I can understand how some people find the program addictive to various degrees. Ive been playing the program for about 5 solid hours now … while working on my own sites, here and what have you but still I now understand how it can be so addivtive, once you start to get a handle of it, kind of like Neopets in that regards once you find what works for you its hard to let it got to start with,

Well take care everyone