Flexi Clothing … OUCH!

Well I’ve made my very first Flexi based skirt, and its terrible to say the least. K in my eyes that is the case, I didn’t like the results that I got from the tutorial that I did it on (seems everyones turned out alright but mine looked like a mushroom that got lost somewhere in creation).

Oh well I can say that I have a base idea of how to create a skirt now, its just a matter of playing around the prims and coming up with something that I like, or at least can tolerate a whole lot.

I new building prim based clothing wouldn’t be easy, since trying to build a simple hat took me a while to even figure, but I in all honesty didn’t think it would be quite this hard, when all was said and dun to create a nice looking skirt. But like everything it will take time and practice before I likely come up with anything that I’d keep much less sell in my shop.

Speaking of selling in the shop, not made any sales really of any regards save two, but those where work related as in sold to staff members at the club I work at for an event (thus the base price they paid was lower then the price I have set for the item to the general public sort of deal). I shouldn’t be surprised that not much as sold as yet, I’ve yet to publish the shop in any classifieds, I’ve finally put the land itself on the market (as in had it placed in the search database to let ppl know the place exists with SL to start with).

What I now really need to do is start marketing the place, but at the same time I wish not to spend any lindens till the new year if I can well help it (in part because I wish to justify the cost of the annual membership to my accountant as a business expense, and not a personal expense). So trying to keep the spending to the minimum does hinder getting the shop out there not to mention renting out the lofts and land/homes. Guess you could say its an form of a catch 22 in its own way (cant do one without the other being dun for the most part).

Oh well like everything I get things figured out eventually, just will take a little longer then I was hoping that it would to start with. But at least I do have a goal in mind, and the possibilities are endless and out there for the taking once I learn all I can about doing business within SL. Yes its similor to real world, but there are some things which differ such as not having to make stuff for specific sizes, with in one size might not fit all but does tend to fit most (at least those who use the basic thin shape that is).

Well take care everyone,



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