Linden Exchange

Well have been looking at the Lindon exchange of late, and typing in amounts of Lindens to convert into American dollars, and its interesting the results. For 250,000 Lindens you should make 1,000 US Dollars. However, in reality you make around 874 US dollars thanks to LL transaction fees (which is 3.5% of what ever it is you wish to convert over which can turn out to be a world of a lot of lindon/dollars deduction).

The one of the biggest deals is if you have 1,000,000 Linden it should be about 4,000 US, but in reality it only comes out to about 3,496 US .. does my math sound wrong or is it just me, but ouch what you should get if LL didn’t charge a transaction fee compared to what you really get is ouches at least thats how I see it. To get out about a Million US you would have to have 309,000,000 Linens which when transferred out would net you 1,006,769.On the Linden Exchange 250 Linens is now only worth 0.88 cents on the US dollar instead of the 1 US that it use to worth many moons ago.

On a side note, I am pleased to say that from October 29th 2007 to November 29th 2007 I have made a grand total of 32,606 Lindens just from my two in world jobs and what people have got from my shop. That isn’t the number in my account since well I’ve also spent out Lindens to buy more land, and upload clothing boards and clothing patterns themselves, still to make that in 30 days is good I do think.



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