Well its now been a good month of employment and things are going fair well. I know this job might not last past next month (november) but at least its been something to add to the resume, which is better then nothing at all. But there is the possibilities that things might extend beyond next month, only time will tell if that does or doesn’t happen.

Its been an interesting job that is for sure, the past week has been hard on me mostly because I caught a cold working with the kiddies, and unable to get rest its not been very good to my glucose numbers to say the least. Been running fair high in the early to mid teens most of the day (which means it adds to me not feeling to well to say the least).

Getting up at 5am each morning hasn’t been easy either, not when getting to bed before 10pm is so freaking hard to do which means getting 8 hours of sleep hasn’t happened been lucky to get 5 or 6 hours of sleep (though mostly 4 hours average). Not enjoying the driving much either, then again I’m not a big fan of driving on the 401, 410, 400 or the 427 for that matter. I know driving though the city is “longer” but at times it feels faster and less stressful (to degrees).

But at least I’m now more comfortable driving then I have been in recent years so that is a good thing all around, just wish I was more comfortable driving on the high way – but hay one thing at a time. Other then that working with the little kiddies hasn’t been that fun but some of them its been a real pleasure to work with (though a few its broken my heart to degrees since I’ve seen the signs of abuse, which hurts to see).

Other then that side of things, dealing with the older students has been interesting and I am starting to think that dealing with those who have to PAY for their photos up front is more a pleasure then the shot in the dark deal, where you shoot and hope that what you take will appeal to the parent and that they will buy it instead of just toss it into the bin. This digital age has made the age of school photography something which is harder to make a go at (to degrees) but then again photography in general is one of those deals that is just as fickle as the graphic and web design industry so no new news there.

Well post in a short wile, take care all!



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