Where’s the weekend gone already?

Sighs, so much for thinking about doing stuff of my own this weekend, its just flown by big time. No time save for the past hour or so to myself for the most part, have been doing pre “spring cleaning” on my folks orders.

I don’t mind doing it, but ummm hello rest, relaxation, you know time of from working? Ummm I guess not, oh well maybe I’ll get some time to myself tomorrow, ya think?

I have been a little productive with it comes to MySpace, I’ve updated the About Me info, k I copy pasted it from my LJ profile – hay what can I say I like what i’ve written for my LJ Profile, so why not use it again – works well enough I feel.


I’m still not use to not posting to my journal on a daily basis, but I guess for a while I should get use to it, because it does appear that I’ll not be posting to it daily for a couple weeks to come, not less I feel up to doing so after work, though MySpace’s blog is a different matter as I can actually post to it at work – for what ever reason LJ just doesn’t work well at work, and I have no idea why save there might be a block on the comps at work to not allow that site to be viewed, which is a good possibility.

Oh well I can’t think of what to post about at the moment, save sleeeeeeeeep.

well take care,



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