Times Just Flown Me By….

Well i’m tired sitting here at work, i thing its to do with the wearther not being bright and sunny, but dark and wet, thus making me tired. Could also be because I only got about 5 hours sleep if i was lucky,

Today just seems to be one of those days that just feels longer then normal it does feel. That and putting the details to the first part of the project is proving to be a minor b and a half.

Creating the staic images for the first part of the project proved to be simple enough, but its the rest that is not looking as simple as it should be looking, sighs guess its back to the books and looking for what needs to be dun and trying to understand what the client wants without putting to much time in for something that’s not necessary to start with.

I wish it was simpler to find some of the items that I need for to project, but its proving to be a real b and a half to find bryce objects that fit the need, and I can’t make them as I am not that good with bryce yet to make the objects which are wished, i could make them in 3D Max or LightWave or even Maya, but not Bryce which is what I have to work with, on well there has to be objects that will work somewhere on the web.

Sighs its a little hard to think of what to post here, my mind just isn’t in the major mood for doing anything it does seem. I am not yet feeling the need to play, which is a good thing, since its been a week since I last played.


K also a little late, but better a little late then never, so I wish to wish those who celebrate it a Happy Chinese New Year – the year of the Dog.

The following is information for those who like myself are of the Snake sign … The Snake and the Dog have a complex but satisfying connection. Both these Signs suffer from inner insecurities and anxieties, but their bond may be able to provide them both with the strength borne of having a safe, loyal and trusting friend or partner to lean on. In general, these Signs are neither very similar nor overly different in nature. The Dog is generally good-natured and pleasant but is also rather moody and tends to withdraw in times of anxiety; the Snake is charming and seductive but is actually rather reserved in nature, preferring quiet and stability to noise and turmoil.

These two Signs make a good, solid business team as well. Both are very diplomatic, and the Dog has a keen sense of right and wrong; they can both trust one another — which is generally rather hard for the Dog to do — to deal fairly and above-board. Furthermore, the Snake is very intelligent as it relies not only on logic but on intuition as well; this Sign hardly ever makes a wrong move in business or elsewhere. The Snake is also lucky with money; a business shared by these two will likely be quite prosperous. The Snake may be the front person, as it possesses more charm and finesse than does the Dog. The Snake and the Dog share a compatibility of eight, on a scale of one to ten.

Well take care everyone.



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