to cold ta be out, so might as well stay in…

Well times passed and things have changed little, but then again its colder out then it once was (-35) at the moment according to the weather network.

Just been doing a bit of posting, I totally love going though the forums to see what’s going on with various people. A few threads are really taking off it would appear, which is cool. Found a thread I like on poems 🙂 and of course I created my own thread for recipe swapping 🙂 who knows maybe it will grow, would be nice.

As to the rest of things, well things have been pretty quite of late. Not much going on for me, still hitting the net, and newspaper for possible contracts/jobs and still getting no where, which is a pain in the pank, especially when one is told that the industry is booming, when it doesn’t appear to be the case on my end of things.

Oh well its late or early however to look at it, take care



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