cloud nine anyone!

Sighs life is good, lol

What can I say, at the moment I’m flying on cloud nine, or at least that is about how it does feel.

Like wow, I’ve not felt like this before. Lady knows that this is a new feeling ta me, and wow its confusing to a degree. A) i’ve not known him long, but it feels like its been many months, B) he’s older (like who cares) but I’d sware he’s my age (though we are to a degree in the same generation, so its not to far a stretch, then again he’s closer to an Xer then I am

I don’t know how ta express it, but if this is love, then dang! Its like no feeling i’ve known before. Sighs, words and confusion abound within my mind, that I know not what it’s saying at all times. In one seance I will do what ever is in my power to please him, but at the same time, my mind is telling me to take it slow, no rush things, to play it cool, etc.

Oh well …. i’ll let my mind take it all in, and since its taken me almost 24hrs to post this, without errasing everything to many times, i’ll leave it as it is, and post more as my mind clears.

Take care everyone



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