Time to Declutter/Downsize!

declutter-webIs easier said than done!

I know that I need to let go of a lot of the things I’ve been holding onto in my storage unit. My dad needs to do the same for his unit that he once shared with mom for the past 20 odd years.

Norman and I went though both units last year, but the reality is we didn’t make much of a dent like we should have. Now, though time running out on being able to keep the units, it’s just become too costly. What should have been short term turned into a long term money hole, that we should have stopped years ago.

But the notion that buying the stuff again, to me doesn’t sit well when I know we already have it. Yet keeping it just because it might come in handy in the future is not the best idea either.

Thinking about all that has to be done is boggling my mind, I DON’T WONT TO! I know I need to, but it is letting go of my past even though I’ve not touched any of it in years. Though just because I’ve not touched it in years doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to let go of.

I have a couple websites bookmarked about Decluttering and DownSizing. I’ve been reading through them and taking a few notes along the way. They all make sense in their own fashion though not a single one fits what is going on in my life, or easier to do.

Going through the site, and many say that you should feel better after what you have chosen is gone. Going though it should be freeing and make you feel lighter, umm ya it might later but not right now.

Not sure how it should be freeing when I got upset over collector cups getting donated. I had agreed to donate other cups, but the collectors I wanted to save. So when the ones I wanted to save didn’t get saved I got upset and still am upset over it a month later. It is not rational that I got upset, it’s not like I’d used them in the past 5 years or so, they were just gathering dust. But it doesn’t change my feelings about the fact they got donated.

The kicker of it is, once they were out of the house my dad offered to get them back and I said no. They already were donated I wasn’t going to un-donate them, regardless of how upset I was over it. I am STILL upset and hurt that they were donated. It’s not rational at all and I am having a B of a time getting my head around it, but its how it is.

Going though the info on Downsizing is a little annoying as it assumes you are downsizing due to moving. I guess that is what downsizing is for the majority of people, but not for everyone who needs to do so. I know in time yes Norman and I will need to actually do so when we need to move to our own place, but that’s not now.

The whole realization that what I think of as a keeper will mean nothing to anyone once I’m gone is hitting home. Going through mom’s things and realizing that it is not my deal makes me think about stuff I’ve gotten. Since we’ll have no children to pass anything on to, what we have will likely end up in the bin upon our passing. Doesn’t change the desire to have it, but it does make me feel like its almost pointless to have/keep.

Things are starting to sink further in, and a plan of action is in its fashion is being done up. I know what rooms in the house need to be gone, though what order we’re still figuring out. It still doesn’t help the need to go through the storage units, but it is a place to start.

Post more shortly, take care everyone!



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