New Year Resolutions

It happens each year, the good old Resolution that often never makes it out of the first month of the new year. Sometimes it’s because you make a resolution that is much doomed to fail. Other’s make resolutions that they have good intent on but lack the follow through.

Each year I have my own set of goals that I’d like to achieve. One of them I do tend to at least get part of achieved is weight loss (or at least not gaining anything). Though the goal is not to gain weight, losing is the goal, but will settle for 0 loss if necessary. I just wish at times my body would agree with my mind and just let the weight leave! But it doesn’t work that way, so it doesn’t happen as I’d like it to.

My main goal each year is to lose 20 pounds over the course of the year. Sometimes I meet the goal, other times I go over the goal and the rest of the time I get close to the goal. Last year I lost only 10 pounds so I hit half my goal, not a great loss but at 10 pounds loss is 10 pounds loss.

I have extra goals this year, such as clean out the storage unit and declutter/downsize the house. I’m looking at the 20% rule and it makes sense to degrees. The 20% rule is you only use 20% of the items you have the 80% you have not used. It’s true I am finding when I look at some of my clothing that I’ve been keeping instead of letting go of. I rather like the analogy that if you lost it in a fire what are the key items you would replace before all else.

Another goal that has to happen is increased in income. The seasonal work I do for LifeTouch though great doesn’t pay the bills as it once did, so I need to find something. Norman also has to figure out something to help with the finances, he’s trying but it’s not easy for either of us. I’m thinking of reopening my Etsy store and trying to sell some of my home made items on it, like the beadwork earrings.

Anything that we do we need to figure out a way of having some reliable income as possible. Which isn’t easy nowadays, when employment isn’t as stable as it once was. So looking for many sources of income to various degrees likely is how we are going to have to do things.

Part of the reason we need the extra income is that I need to be able to afford to buy my insulin each month. It is amazing how costly insulin is in Canada. Each month I need to come up with between 300.00 and 600.00 just to cover my insulin costs. Trying to get on Trillium, which will cover some of the insulin costs each year. I do have minimal insurance but it doesn’t cover my insulin for 10 months of the year. It covers my test strips and needles (once I send in the form) so that is helpful, but not the insulin side of things.

I’ve actually looked into buying the vials of Humalog from Walmart, as it’s only 36.00 a bottle. Which is cheaper than what shoppers charges per bottle (or so it appear since I got told pens are cheaper). I don’t want to have to buy it by the vial but if I have to so I can have it then so be it, I’ll do what I need to to have it.

Thanks to a lot of things we’re only getting the basics of things that we need food wise since I don’t have access to my CC. Having to live on cash that we scrape up is proving to be a challenge to say the least for us. So it means there are a few things this year that are not going to be happening, such as visiting the in-laws. Though if we can get employment and save enough, we might be able to swing that later in the year, maybe. But one this that is 100% out of the question is attending FE2016 because we just don’t have the ability to do so.

Some BIG goals for this year, some short term because they need to be and other’s varying as they need to be. Regardless some of the above-mentioned things need to happen this year or next year will be worse for both of us.



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