The Periodontist

Well had my first cleaning at the periodontist that I’ve been sent to who will be doing the new tooth that I need to get thanks to one of my teeth breaking off and in short falling apart and needing to be replaced since leaving it as it isn’t a good option for my health in the future.

Its been many years since I last saw a periodontist, last time I did was Dr. Dale and he was the one who took care of my braces when I was much younger – unfortunately those braces never did work and I still to this day have the over bite that I started out with in my youth.

This time round though, I was sent to see this person because of his experience in the field (apparently he teaches at the local denial collage) and after meeting his last week for the first time I get the impression that he does know what he’s talking about and might well be good at what he does. I’m still not sure about any of it but the cleaning that I went though today though painful to degrees wasn’t as bad as I remember the freezing to be cleaned when I was much younger (though bleep my jaw is so NOT pleased with me and the back tooth is totally not pleased with me on any level).

Still have to go back tomorrow to have the other side taken care of, because he wants to get my dentil care back under control because apparently what my main dentist has been having me do for the past several years has’t been enough to keep my mouth/teeth in good shape or something. I know i dislike brushing my teeth to start with and rather not do so, but I do so because I know I need to do so but ya I do forget from time to time to do so (which isn’t good on any level).

Will now in a short while what is going on with my mouth, but the short of it seem’s that being Diabetic = more trouble with my teeth then I was never told about (which ticks me off, since its something that does effect my quality of life) by anyone including past and current dentist (which makes me wonder on many levels) and my endrocronoligist has never mentioned that D can cause issues with my teeth (I can understand that he might not fully understand or know, but come one he should know something at least the basics of the matter – which means its something I’m bring up at our next meeting).

post in a while, take care everyone.



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