Taking the Plundge…

Well I’ve taken the plundge into the world of full Web Administration (got a resellers account)… But I will now be able to manage my many domans, and all under one package.

One major drawback to this at the moment is the learning that goes with it all, so that I know what i’m doing instead of relying on another person to do this for me.

I knew that there was a lot that went on behind the sceans of keeping a site active bejound what i did, but ouch I didn’t know that there was this much extra setup that went with it, but things will work out they always do eventually.

But one nice fact about this is that once I get things working, I’ll be able to offer subdomain and domain hosting if I so choose to do so :-), which is a interesting thing, ta make some monies, but as yet I don’t wishthe headacks that would go along with that.

One other good thing is that the elist manager program is one that I’ve used in the past, with sucess and many ppl who signed up with my older lists, like it greatly over the currently elist manager that’s in place.

Oh well short post, i’ll write more as time passes take care,



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