Back to the Real World!

Greetings All,

Well its back to the real world now, academia is over for the time being. And to a degree I’m galde of it, mostly because the past two years ta me have been a real wast of time in many regards, as in it felt like I was back in High School again, which I left like 6 years ago. Oh well its over and dun with, people who made it hard, as in they acted like twits are out of my life, and I totaly thankful for that.

I can saw that I know have a BA (Native Studies), two Certificates (Art Fundemental and Digital Publishing) and one Diploma (New Media Design) why not just call it academic wallpaper. 🙂

I’ve been posting my Résumé around to various graphic and web places, as yet only rejections, in the form of … “your over qualified for this position, and we do not have any positions open that you are qualified for”, or “sorry this posting is for recent graduates only, though you are a recent grad you have been in the field for some time and you do not qualify as a recent grad.” sighs, thats the type i’ve been getting, and I’m getting bloody tired of them, but its life. I’ll get some forms of work with time, but sighs its a little disheartning getting the rejections.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on my sites in the mean time, adding more pages to PathWalkers., and i’ve updated the Pagan Music artist of the month. I’ve also redesigned the navigation bar, brok it up into sections more or less that I feel work slightly better then the orginal version.

Macintosh Sisters members area is also up and running quite well, and I’ve been updating it as possible with new articles and the like.

My online Portfolio is up and running, which I am quite pleased with, though ofcourse there are things that I’d like ta chance, but that will be for the revision version 🙂

Web Guardians, as yet is not up and running … 🙁 but its being worked on, slowly.

On another topic, I’ve gotten a few new DVDs, and I can deffently say, that I prefer DVDs that come iwth Commantary over those that don’t. I really like listening and see how the various vids where created, and the ideas that went into creating them in the first place.

Thus far I have the following DVDs 🙂 .. The Craft, West Side Story (myfolks), Wizard of OZ, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The 9th Gate, M*A*S*H Season 2, M*A*S*H the Movie, Harry Potter 1 & 2, Scoobe-Doo – Gools Schoo, Air Bud, and a few others, ya my collection is small, but growing.

Well thats all for now, I’ll write more as time passes take care,



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