Semi Long Day

It has been one of those days, fitful sleep (4 hr 6 min in total) but got up at 8am and got things ready to head to church with Norman. Wasn’t feeling that great, but it has become semi normal for waking up unfortunately, not something I enjoy but its something I’ve gotten semi use to.

My medical team is in the process of trying to figure out what is going on, so far they have no idea what is going wrong other then that my levels are all within normal range save one, my Vitamin B12 is actually still in the normal range, however it is only 1 point above the starting point of the low end which is 200 – 900 picograms per milliliter.

I have no idea what is going on or wrong or why things are happening as they are, the hip pain hasn’t gone away since it started over a year ago, its just gotten worse as the year has gone by. It’s now at the point that its almost constant, be I standing, moving/walking, sitting or lying down it doesn’t matter.

Which means yes it is interfering with my ability to get a good nights sleep, what sleep I get is not solid it would seem (the FitBit that I got back in 2013 tracks my sleep and its been showing my sleep patters and explains a fair amount as to why I’m always tired when I wake up).

My GP has said that I should be getting a call from a specialist who should be able to figure out what is going on/wrong. But its been a week already and nothing (thought really not expecting anything until after christmas, or into the new year – though I am hoping that I do get the call and that the request hasn’t gotten misplaced in the electronic ether) as yet that I am aware of.

I’ve been looking online and yes I know not a great idea, since it can mean a LOT of various things or nothing what so ever – though since there is issues something had to turn up (or rather something has to be eliminated leaving a possibility of sorts I’d think).

The low B12 has me worried since I know I have been taking B12 supplements over the past several years, but since I don’t eat eggs or drink milk I’ve got next to no means of getting enough B12 in my system and it does make me wonder if the reason for the low amount of B12 is the symptom of something larger (guess I’ll learn in time, since I am going to ask my GP to re run my B12 tests in 6 months or so after Ive’ been on the increased dosage of b12 to see if that actually helps instead of the lower dosage I’ve been taking, which was part of the regular multivitamin). Part of me wonders if the loss of it actually started years ago when I was put on Metformin, even though its been a good 5 years since I last took the stuff it does make me wonder if it started the depletion processes or maybe accelerated it.

Sighs, its all so complicated that I am getting most frustrated with all that is going on! Post more as time passes, take care everyone.



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