Boxing Day

Well slow start to the day in general, but was semi expected since it is the day after christmas.

I got up early enough, but was not feeling great when I did – glucose wise I wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either seems either i’m needing to increase the 100 units i’m already taking of the Toujeo or something is going on, because I woke up at mmol 8 (not a good number, but not really bad its still under then 10, but not a normal waking number for me by any means). At any rate, got breakfast and got N up to get ready to head for the church for to over see the cleaning that was taking place.

When we arrived, the Bishop and those who had arrived where finishing up and we got updated on what had been happening and how many had been in attendance for the cleaning crew – it was nice to see that a good number had showed up and that the cleaning had gone well (though we really didn’t expect it not to since the bishop was there). At any rate we went over everything that had been cleaned and did some of it ourselves that still needed doing.

After that we headed over to Scarborough Town Centre, NOT a place that I really wished to go to but because dad wonted his Ansel Adams calendar we braved the mall so we could get it and our own calendar that we wished to get (our beloved wolf/husky themed calendar). It took us close to an HOUR just to find a parking spot in the mall and then I have no idea how long it really took us to fight our way to the pop-up Calendar Shop, though once in there it was a matter of moments before we found what we where looking for and got a bonus of it as well, ended up getting a free calendar (which made making the choice between the two calendars easer).

So got what we went for, that Norman wonted to check out a few things in Walmart – something I was so NOT looking forwards to but off we went and ya well what he went to see wasn’t there to be found, which was to be expected on various levels but still could have been proven fruitful on a remote level. The one good thing about it all though, was that he actually got to experience how Boxing Day can be around there, something he’s never experienced in all his years of living up here (outside of our naborhood that is), and he said that to him is as bad or close to Black Friday down in the US.

One our way home we stopped off at PetSmart to see about getting something for my parrots, but their selection proved to be unhelpful. I was really disappointed in how little they had on offer for parrots compared to what they use to have when we first started going their oh so many years ago. Next time funds permitting we’ll be going to another shop that we know carries parrot toys and treats slightly more costly but at least we know they carry them.

After that we made our way back home, and started getting things ready for sound two. Boxing Day dinner with the missionaries that we’d invited over since they had been unable to come for Christmas Dinner. Boxing Day dinner was mostly the same as Christmas Day dinner save we had a few new items added to the menu such as Quonia Soup, sweet potato and new potatoes.

The sisters arrived as I was finishing the soup, it was nice to see them again in general. I felt pleased being able to host them for dinner, though upset at the same time that it would be more turkey that they’d be eating (as I assumed that is what they had eaten the day before and I know they had it at the christmas party the week before). But they seemed to enjoy the meal, we managed to get though 95% of the turkey that I’d removed from the left overs (still had a enough left over to make at least two or three more meals from).

After dinner they said that they where stuffed, though they actually had enough room for dessert ::chuckles:: which wasn’t a surprise since a LOT of people have room for chocolate cake for some reason, me ya I didn’t have room but it was nice to watch them enjoy it at least and funny at the same time watching them eat the cake.

After the food was served it was time for the sisters to get on their way, was semi sad that they had to leave so soon that they where not able to stay and talk/chat, but it was understandable they needed to get on their way to where ever it was they needed to go.

After they left we got to doing the dishes, not the fun part of things but a necessary task that needed to be dun. After that we retired to our room and started playing a round of Minecraft which was relaxing and fun way to end the day together.

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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