Prem Membership!!

Well finally it only took them a blasted month!

Well at the start of the year I tried to sign up for prem membership with Second Life, and well go no where what so ever, then this morning when I look at my account it now says that “User Info On File” so I check my profile and sure enough my membership has been upgraded to prem .. but it took a MONTH! Shakes head

Well I am please to have it, I now have the ability to cash out what I make in world. Which I’ll shortly be doing to pay for the account (yes I payed for the account already, but I’m paying myself back for the account via the L that i’ve made in world to start with. Might not make sence, but to me it does .. in basic facts I am using the income I have made in world sustain my account as a prem account. Aka I paid for my account with credit card, and now am using my L to put the monies I paided out for the account back onto my card.

Well take care everyone



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