Finding Work in SecondLife

Well time again for another Second Life article, this time round I am covering how to find paying work within SecondLife and by paying I mean paying in Lindens (in world funds), not real world funds.

There a number of ways to find paying work within SecondLike, two of the most common are…

1) Posting for jobs at places you frequent. It is common for designers, shop owners, etc to put up a job sign knowing full well that someone who likes their offerings will sooner or later apply for a position.

2) Most clubs are always looking for staff, from dancers to escorts to DJs and Hosts.

Another way if those are not for you is to look though the Classified section .. got to … Edit > Search… > Classifieds, then use the pull down menu to go to Employment, from there just hit enter and places that are offering employment of all sorts will appear (in many cases you’ll get several hundred possible places to check out, all varying in what they are offering for employment and pay.)

Best way to find work in Second Life is to look at the Forums “Employment Ops & Help Wanted” section – some people only ever post there job opening there, so its a good place to check out (not sure if you need payment info on file or not to access this section of their site or not, I do not think so but things might have changed).

Now once you have found the job ads that are most promising, now you have to read what the poster is asking of you for that position, many places with in SecondLife require that you be more then 30 days old to work for them, some don’t care but many do it does appear. Some places also have special requirments, such as being a DJ or an Escort.

Now what can you expect to earn? Well that also varies from place to place, in some clubs dancers get to keep all tips in others they only get a % of the tip to keep, same goes with escorts depending on the location. As a dancer you might earn nothing what so ever because your earning is based 100% on tips, at other times yo



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