Online and Offline Radio Stations

Vinyl 95.3 - Greatest HitsWell I finally did a search for the radio station that I’ve really gotten into listening to on the drive to and from work each day – enough so I looked it up online to see if it was doing internet broadcasting and much to my pleasure it does have such a feed.

I know that they have a Facebook page and are on Twitter, but as much as those two mediums are great for following the station in general they do little good when listening in the car or on the go and to me are only of interest when I am settled at home with net connection, but when that is happening I’m not around a radio (ya no radio in the office) thus only way to listen to music is though what I have on my comp or though the various stations I can connect to though iTunes or the like.

Thus I looked to see if they did have a online broadcast, and am pleased to see that they do – though I do admit its not as great as direct radio over air streaming but the buffering issues with the connection I have over WiFi means its not a great connection as it could be though the connect though my Big Baby is much better (which is nice to learn).

The station that I’ve taken to listening to on the way to and from work is Vinyl 95.3 FM



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