Update on my Trans Canada Trails Challenges

Trans Canada Trail LogoWell its been a good little while since I even did anything in regards to tracking how many steps or miles or km I have gone and added to any of the provinces that I was aiming to do for my challenge that I started back in 2006 – life has happened and I’ve just gotten further and further away from the challenge itself that I started.

I am still walking and using a pedometer, I’m just not tracking the numbers from the pedometer that I once was even though I average about 3km a day walked when I’m not working working I have no idea but last time I charted that it was between 6 and 8km walked in an average day.

Well I do hope to get back to things and tracking for this challenge I just have no idea when I am going to do so – but with luck the new year might bring with it more possibilities that currently are not to be had.

Post as time allows, take care everyone.




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