New Shop Design

Well having looked at enough shops within Second Life and from what I have been reading in the various Second Life books that I have gotten, prompted me to actually redesign the shop, and actually take chances on what I was building (K am use to taking them, but previous Second Life experience taught me a few things which are now not a problem).

Why redesign? Simple if you had seen the original shop you might just have left away sooner then enter it, as it was very bland in its design and layout. Not to mention the display boards where very nondescript compared to what many people are use to seeing.

Well now that has changed, I’ve thrown the prims to the wind and let things fall where they may, and it has paid off in what I was able to build and create, not to mention I feel better about the new look then I ever did over the original one. Then again it was my second home that I build that I ended up keeping around a world of a lot longer then the first, so its no surprise that the same would apply to a shop that I’d end up building.

It is amazing that when one builds something for themselves getting the creative juice flowing can be hard, yet getting them flowing for a client is another matter (as in not as hard to get things flowing once a direction is decided on by the client that is).

Only draw back that I’ve run into is that the building with current build fixtures runs 266 prims, which is not bad for the size of the place, but it only leaves me a little over 100 prims to use to update the shop with as time passes (which isn’t that bad, but still doesn’t seem like a lot).

I’ve also changed how the boards in the shop look, made them look closer to how many other shops have them, K I will admit that seeing a world of a lot of shops displaying their display boards as they are inspired me to change up mine as well, and I must say that I am pleased with the result, to say the least. I’m just not 100% on the permissions side of things, I know that many shops allow Modify and Copy because that allows an AV to change the outfit to better fit them, but I also know that by doing so that they can change the look of the outfit, which is why I only have given copy permissions. Am thinking of adding Modify for a higher price same with transfer (but with no copy or modify) for a higher fee then the modify version, just not sure if that would work for me or against me, guess will just have to see how things progress from now till when ever.



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